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Flexible Car Panel

Flexible Car Panel

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Revolutionize your ride with our state-of-the-art Bluetooth App Programmable LED Car Sign, tailor-made to add a unique flair to your vehicle. This innovative and eco-friendly sign, easily controlled through a mobile app, allows you to craft personalized and vibrant messages, patterns, animations, and even synchronize them to your favorite music. Its user-friendly design ensures you can effortlessly adjust brightness and speed, making your car stand out in any setting. Boasting a flexible circuit board and a handy USB plug, this lightweight LED sign is not just simple to install with the included 3M tape but is also durable and portable. Featuring high-intensity RGB lamp beads, it offers a dazzling full-color display with low power consumption, and its IP66 waterproof rating ensures longevity and resilience. Illuminate your journey and make a lasting impression wherever the road takes you!

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