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Planetarium Projector

Planetarium Projector

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The Planetarium Galaxy Night Light Projector is a captivating addition to any bedroom, transforming it into a mesmerizing starry sky. Designed with a 360° adjustable feature, this projector offers a comprehensive view of a celestial galaxy. However, it is essential to note that after 2-3 hours of continuous use, the projector's internal temperature may increase significantly. This rise in temperature can lead to a color change in the projection disk, particularly affecting the galaxy disk. To maintain the pristine quality of the display and prevent any heat-induced discoloration, users are advised to change the film every 2-3 hours or allow the projector to cool down for efficient heat dissipation. With this simple maintenance, the Planetarium Galaxy Night Light Projector will continue to bring the wonders of the cosmos into your home night after night.

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